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General terms and conditions
Privacy Policy
General terms and conditions
1. Introduction

These General Terms and Conditions (hereafter: GTC) include the rules of using the available site of www.ingrossobaby.com Website (hereafter: Website) for all the Retailers and Wholesalers (hereafter: Customers) and the licence precedent.


About the personal details of the customers the Privacy Informative has all the information, which is available directly from the main site.


For using the Website all the technical informatives wich are not include in the GTC, can be available on the Website in other different kinds of informatives.


The basic language of the contract is Hungarian. Further eligible languages are: English, German and Italian. 


The order made via the webshop is not written contract, but a lawsuit with a case-by-case attitude. This way the electric contract between Customer and Supplier is not written contract. These are not registered by the Supplier, so these are not available and not be on view posteriorly.

The orders can be made just electronic via the Webshop. It is not possible to make order via fax, telephone, e-mail or air mail. If Customer makes the order in some of these options, Supplier does not accept the order.


The Supplier does not subject themselves to any kind of behaviour codex.


2. The Supplier

The Supplier



Ingrosso Baby KFT


Headquarter, post address:

Stefania ut 81,


1143, Hungary


E-mail for informations:



Customer  service:


VAT number


EU VAT number:


Company Registration Number:


Entry Court:

Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága Budapest (Court of Justice - Registry Court of Budapest) 


Account Manager Bank, Bank account number:

Magnet Bank

HUF ACCOUNT 16200223-10126710

  • IBAN  HU46 1620 0223 1012 6710 0000 0000

EURO ACCOUNT 16200223-10126727

  • IBAN HU18 1620 0223 1012 6727 0000 0000


Euro Account

IBAN: BE46 9670 5789 6636
Indirizzo: TransferWise Europe SA, Avenue Marnix 13-17, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium

3. General Rules

The Customer uses the Website for his/her own responsibility and accepts that the Supplier does not have responsibility for wealth and non-wealth damages during the using process and moreover does not have responsibility over any kind of damages of human life, limb and health-damaging breach of contract.


The Supplier rules out all the responsibility about the behaviour of the users of the Website. The Customer must take care about not to hurt neither direct or indirect way the third pesron's personality rights or other laws during the use of the Website. The Customer is fully and exclusively responsible for his/her own behaviour, the Supplier cooperates in this case in all the way with the authorities to lighten the trespass if needed. 


The Supplier is appropriate, but not liable to check the adventitiously available contents by the Customers during the use of the Website and according to the contents the Supplier is appropriate but not liable to search signs about incidental illicit processes.


The pages of the service could contain connecting points (links) which lead to other suppliers' pages. The Supplier does not take responsibility about these pages' privacy policy and any kind of their activities and works.


Because of the global aspect of the Internet the Customer accepts that during the use of the Website he/she must proceed according to the related international laws. In connection of the use of the website if some kinds of activity is not allowed according to the Customer's state's laws, the responsibility encumbers exclusively just the Customer.


If the Customer notices reprehensible content on the Website, he/she is liable to inform the Supplier about it forthwith. If the Supplier decides during the confiding investigation process that the information is well-founded, the Supplier is obligee to delete or modify the information forthwith.


According to the GTC this contract between Supplier and Customer ends if the Customer deletes his/her registration or if the Supplier deletes the registration of the Customer.



4. Copyright


The whole Website, its graphical parts, texts and technical solutions and the other parts of the Service are under copyright and other kinds of belonging mental or intellectual creations are also under copyright (especially the trademark protection). The Supplier is authorized and licensed user for the copyright of the Website, furthermore authorized for all the conents and services which are available via the Website: for any authorized creations and other intellectual works (including all the graphical and other elements, the scheme of the Website's platform, the editing, the used software and other kinds of solutions, ideas and realizations).


The save of the Website's contents to hard drive or the printing of the contents for private personal use is possible just if the Supplier allowed it previously in a written licence. The use of the contents over personal and private use, to send them forward to third person or make them as a public information or make them downloadable is possible just and exclusively if the Supplier allowed it in written form beforehand.


Beyond the rights which are expressly defined in this GTC, the registration, the use of the Website or neither none of the directions ensures the Customer that he/she has the right to use any kind of trading brand or copyright trademark from the Website for general use or utilize. For the intended use of the site for the Customer without the prior written licence from the Supplier the copies and other private uses of the Website's parts is not possible and banned.


The Supplier reserves all the rights for all the elements of its service, especially for the www.ingrossobaby.com domain name, and for all the belonging sub-domains, for all the other domain names which are reserved by the Supplier, for all of these belonging sites and moreover for the advertising platforms of the belonging internet sites.


Forbidden and prohibited are all the activities which is listing of the database, systematization, archiving, hacking and decryption of all the source-codes of the Supplier, except just if the Supplier gives special and unique written licence for that for the Customer.


Without special agreement and contract it is forbidden and prohibited to modify, copy, overwrite or place any additional information in all the platforms, database and sites of the Supplier.


5. The Webshop
  1.  Registration


The most parts of the Website are available for all the Customers without Registration, but to order from the Website the Registration is required.


The Customer can make the Registration with the button "Registration" on the main site. Please click on the button and fill the details which are required. When it is finished, scroll down and click on the button "Registration". During the Registration the Customer must give the following details:


Under the "Login details"

  • E-mail address
  • Password


Under the "Contact information"

  • Name
  • Mobile phone number


Under the "Billing address"

  • Name
  • Billing address: city, zip code, street name, housenumber, country
  • the  VAT number is required


The basic setting on the Website is that the billing address and the delivery address are the same. If the billing address and the delivery address is not the same, the Customer can find a little square and there is a thick in it and this thick must be erased from the square with one click on this square. After it to give another deivery address become possible.


The Customer has the opportunity to suscribe the newsletter of the Supplier with clicking into the belonging square and put a thick into it.


For the Registration Confirmation is needed. After Customer sends the Registration, the Supplier must check it and if everything is alright the Registration and the access to the Website will be confirmed. About the Confirmation the Supplier informs the Customer in e-mail. After this e-mail is received, the Customer can log in to the Website every time if he/she wants.


After the successful confirmed Registration the Customer can log in to the Website by clicking on the button "Login". There she/he must give the registered e-mail address and type the password.


Customer is appropriate to delete her/his Registration from the Website with an e-mail which must be sent to info@ingrossobaby.com. After the e-mail arrives to this e-mail address, the Supplier must take care about the deletion of the Registration. The details of the Customer will be deleted from the database immediately, but this deletion is not valid for the rules in connection with the previously completed orders and transactions and the belonging documents. After the deletion to set back the details is not possible.


For the access details (especially for the password) and keeping them in secret exclusively the Customer is responsible. If the Customer gets the information that the given password possessed by an unauthorized third person, Customer must take care about the modification of the password. If it is probable that the third person abuses with any kind of use of the password, Customer is responsible to inform the Supplier immediately.


Customer agrees that the personal details which were given during the Registration are real and if it is necessary she/he will refresh it according to the actual correct details.


The Customer must inform the Supplier about every change in connection with his/her company details via the cs@ingrossobaby.com e-mail address (change of VAT number, delivery address or billing address). If Customer does not inform the Supplier about the changes and the package will be delivered to wrong address or if the validity of the VAT number expires and Supplier sells the products in netto prices and make invoice with bad prices, all the responsibility is for the Customer.





After the Registration on the Website the Customer can log in and prepare order with products which are offered on the Website for sale.


The Customer can browse from the products on the left side of the Website where "Categories" can be found. There is possible to search products which are interested by the Customer.


Customer can use the "Quick Search" on the top of the Website and there is possible to find the wished products with some keywords.


If the Website finds result of the searching, it will show it to the Customer. If the Customer clicks on "Detailed search", categories and other features can be given. The results of this kind of searching will also appear like the previously mentioned things. To turn the page and check the details of the products are also possible this way.


Customer can be informed about the details of the product (price, seizes, detailed features) if she/he clicks on the name or on the picture of the product.


On the platform of the detailed features of the product Customer can put the products into the shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. Also on this platform can be given the needed quantity.


The content of the Shopping cart (ordered quantities of the product and total amount) can be checked on the right side of the site on the top by clicking on the button "Cart". By clicking on the "Cart" the Website will lead the Customer to the Shopping cart.


In the Shopping cart Customer can check the list of the ordered products, the belonging netto and gross prices, the ordered quantity and the total amount at the bottom of the list.


On this platform Customer can modify the content of the cart, because Customer has an opportunity to delete product from the order by clicking on "X" button at the end of the line or change the quantity of the products by giving the correct quantity in the column of "Quantity" and click on the button "Modify" and refresh it (with circle shaped green arrow).


Customer has the opportunity to empty the Shopping cart by clicking on the button "Empty Cart", or modify it by clicking on the button "Modify". By clicking on the button "Back" the Website will lead the Customer back to the platform where the features of the product can be found and Customer can continue the shopping and the searching on the Website.


By clicking on the button "Order" Customer can continue the process of the order on the Website.


Customer has the opportunity to save the order by clicking on the button "Save Cart" at the bottom of the page.


By clicking on the button "Order" Customer can continue the process of the order on the Website.


The Website will lead the Customer to the platform of "Delivery and Payment Methods. Customer can choose on the platform of "Delivery and Payment Methods" from the payment methods and the delivery methods. After customer chose from the offered options in connection with the payment and delivery method, by clicking on the button "Next" the Website will lead Customer to the "Checking of the Details". By clicking on the button "Back" the Customer can step back to the platform where the content of the Shopping cart can be checked.


On the paltform of "Checking of the Details" the Customer has the opportunity to check the order, especially the given details, the ordered products, the prices and the delivery and payment methods.


Moreover Customer has the opportunity to write comment to the order in the given platform.


It is important that Customer must accept on this platform this GTC, the Privacy informative and the informations which can be found on the platform of "Information" by put a thick into the square which can be found in this platform.


At the bottom of the site after clicking on the button "Order" the Customer can finally send the Order. The Supplier after it informs the Customer about the success of the order in this platform and also inform the Customer about the number of the Order.


So to send the order please click on button "Order" and it makes payment responsibility for the Customer.


The Customer can check the status of the Order on the Website by clicking on the button "Profile" on the top of the Website. Here the Customer can find all of his/her orders. All the orders can be identify by the unique order number.



Prices of the Products


The prices of the products which are on the Website do not include the VAT or other kinds of taxes (due to this the prices of the products are showed in netto). It is because the Website does not serve private customers, just exclusively resellers.


The price of the product does not include the shipping cost and other packaging cost will be not counted.


The prices of the products are showed in Hungarian Forint (Ft), but it is possible to change the currency to Euro (€) by clicking on it on the right side of the page on the top. After changing it the prices will be showed in Euro.


The total payable amount according to the total sum of the order and according to the confirmation e-mail includes all of the charges, including the shipping cost as well.



Correction of the Keyboarding Mistakes


Customer can modify his/her details on the Website anytime until the order is sent to the Supplier. Modifications can be made on the own account of the Customer. But in the Profile Customer can not modify the billing and the delivery address, they can be modified just via e-mail of the customer service of the Supplier. The Customer can delete products on the ordering platform from the shopping cart by clicking on the button "X", if he/she does not want the product. Keyboarding mistake can be for example if the given quantity is wrong or wrong product was put into the shopping cart. Also keyboarding problems are the deletion of the wrong product from the shopping cart or typing mistake in the personal details (for example in the delivery address).



Validity, Confirmation


The arrival of the order which was sent by the Customer is always confirmed by the Supplier with an automatic e-mail, maximum within 96 hours. This confirmation e-mail includes the details of the Customer which were given during the registration (billing name and address, shipping name and address), the number of the order (to identify it), the date of the order and the list of the ordered products (they are in alphabetical order according to the product codes) and the details of the ordered products (product codes, netto prices and in case the gross prices, the shipping cost and the total amount what Customer should pay).


If Customer already sent the order to the Supplier, but some mistakes are discovered in the confirmation e-mail, the Customer must inform the Supplier within 1 days to avoid the inconveniences in connection with the committed mistakes.


The Customer can quit from under the responsibility without any delay, but at least within 48 hours if the confirmation e-mail is not sent by the Supplier.


This confirmation e-mail from the Supplier towards the Customer means the acceptation of the order and it means that there is a valid contract between Supplier and Customer.


The order is qualified as an electrical contract, and for that the law of year 2013, number V. from the citizen law-book is valid and the electronic trading services and furthermore the services in connection with the informatical society and their questions and statements in the law of year 2001, number CVIII. are also authoritative. The contract is under the government edict of 45/2014 (II.26) and its rules are about the details of the contract between the Customer and the Supplier. The contract also keeps the laws of the Customer of the European Parliament and Council's policy number 2011/83/EU.






Bank transfer in advance: 

The Customer pay the ordered products to the Supplier in advance. When Customer makes the payment via bank transfer, the order number is required to written as a comment during the bank transfer. If this method of payment is chosen, Customer must wait for the confirmation e-mail from the Supplier. Until this confirmation e-mail is not received, please do not start the bank transfer. The Supplier will start the ordered products to the Customer just after the payment is already arrived to the bank account of the Supplier. After the payment is received, Supplier will give the package to the courier and inform the Customer about the delivery and send a new confirmation e-mail with the tracking number of the package.

The required details for the bank transfer, including the bank account number of the Supplier is included in the confirmation e-mail what Supplier send to the Customer after the order made.



Payment by credit card via the system of Paypal: 

This payment method leads the Customer to the platform of Paypal, where Customer can complete the transaction. The Customer can use her/his credit card on this platform to complete the payment. The details of the credit card must be given directly to Paypal on the platform of Paypal, so the Supplier will not receive these details.

Accepted credit cards: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron



Declaration of Datatransfer

By clicking the Redirect button the Customer accepts Ingrosso Baby KFT. (1143 Budapest, Stefania ut 81) at ingrossobaby.com to provide the following personal data stored in its user database to Paypal. Provided data: username, family name, given name, country, phone number, e-mail address.
The purpose of data transmission: customer support for users, confirming transactions and fraud-monitoring for the safety of the users.

Internet-payment is not possible with all the credit cards with the type of VISA and Maestro. In connection with it please turn to your bank from where you have the credit card.




Supplier prepares invoice about each transaction about the ordered products to confirm that the payment is completed. Invoice is sent to the Customer all the time in the package together with the products.



Order finalization and Delivery of the Products


 Order Finalization

The order will be finalizated in a maximum 15 working days from the paymentìs receipt.


 Delivery by Courier


The delivery of the packages is completed by courier companies GLS, on workdays between 8 AM and 5 PM - without any conciliation.


The courier delivers packages from Monday until Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM. If the Customer is not at the delivery address on these mentioned periods, it is practical to give another delivery address where he/she can receive the package, or take care about delivery date in advance and inform the Supplier.


Supplier sends to the Customer confirmation e-mails about the status changing of the package to the registered e-mail address.


If the Customer is not at the delivery address at the time when the courier completes the delivery, the courier leaves a note for the Customer about the unsuccessful delivery. On the note there is a number and Customer can contact with the courier and according to this number Customer can ask another delivery with a wished appointment or another delivery address. The courier tries to make the delivery of the package once again.


The courier tries to deliver the package altogether twice. The shipping cost which is paid by the Customer includes two delivery attempts. If the second delivery is also unsuccessful - due to the mistake of the Customer -, the third attempt should be completed by the Supplier again just if the Customer pays the shipping cost again to the Supplier and this payment arrives to the bank account of the Supplier. This command is not valid if the delivery fails due to the mistake of the Supplier.


If the Customer realises some damage on the package when it is delivered, Customer should not take the package from the courier and send it back. If the package was damaged clearly visible and this damage was discovered before the delivery is completed, the Supplier ensures the pay-back of the products without any charges.



Shipping Costs


After click on the button "Information" Customer can click on button "Shipping" and the shipping costs and the delivery Zones are there.


 The basic shipment is not insured, therefore in case of loss / theft by the courier, the Customer acknowledges full non-liability to the Supplier, relieving him of any responsibility for the items from the moment he entrusts the package to the courier. To request shipment insurance, the Customer must, immediately after the order and in any case before receiving the confirmation from the Supplier, an email to cs@ingrossobaby.com asking for the insured shipment. The Supplier will calculate the surcharge to the Customer, who in turn can pay the difference or confirm the uninsured shipment.


Delivery Period


The delivery period is 3-5 workdays within Hungary. In connection with the delivery periods to other countries please contact with our customer service on the following e-mail address: cs@ingrossobaby.com


Supplier - in case of missing of any kind of special agreements between Supplier and Customer - must deliver the products to the Customer within 30 days after the order was sent to the Supplier. Of course Supplier must deliver the products to the Customer just after the payment is completed and money arrived to the bank account of the Supplier.


In case of delay of Supplier the Customer is appropriate to declare new extension period of the delivery. If Supplier does not completes the delivery within the new extension period, the Customer can quit from the contract.


The Customer is appropriate to quit from the contract without declaring new extension period, if:

  1. the Supplier refused the completion of the contract; or
  2. according to the advanced agreement between Supplier and Customer the contract must be completed within the original agreed delivery period - and not within other period.



Returns policy


Returns, which always paid by the costumer, are permit only in that case:

  1. the supplier sent the wrong item


6. Cancellation Policy

Process of Cancellation Policy


The facts and rules in this point refer to the person who is out of his/her own skill, own job or own business circle and buy products, make order, use the service and make some communication in connection with the ordered products and he/she is the consignee of the offer (hereafter: Customer).


According to the edict number 45/2014 (II.26) which is about the details of the contract between Customer and Supplier, the Customer has the right in appropriate of the contract referring to the purchase of the product:


  1. to the product,
  2. in the case of supplying more products, the last time supplied product,
  3. in the case of supplying product containing more parts or more pieces, the last time supplied part or piece,
  4. if the product must be supplied regular within a defined period, for the first supplying, the Customer or the determined another third person except the courier the Customer can cancel the receive of the product from the day that the product was handled by courier within 5 days without any explanation.


Customer also has the right to use the cancellation policy between the day of the contract was made and the day of the delivery is completed.


If Customer wants to use the cancellation policy, he/she mujst be send his/her declaration to the Supplier via post, fax or e-mail in the availabilities of the Supplier which are visible in the 1. point of the GTC. Customer makes the cancellation policy within the deadline if the declaration is sent within 5 days to the Supplier.


The Customer is responsible for proving his/her cancellation according to the determined conditions in point 4.


The Supplier confirms the arrival of the Customer's cancellation in e-mail.


In the case of written cancellation it must be applied if the Customer send it within 5 calendar days (even on the 5th calendar day) to the Supplier.


If the cancellation is via post, the 5 days start on the day of the start of the declaration, if the cancellation is via e-mail or fax, the period starts on the day of the e-mail or the fax was sent. The Customer's cancellation via post must be sent by recorded post to give proving the date of dispatch.


In the case of cancellation the Customer must send back the ordered product to the address of the Supplier without any causeless delay, but latest 5 days later than the cancellation declaration was made. The deadline is kept if the Customer sends back the product before the 5-day-long period, or the product is given to the courier within this period and it is proved by the Customer.


The cost of the delivery to the address of the Supplier debits the Customer, except if the Supplier accepted to pay this cost. The Supplier does not accept the cost of the back-delivery (home freight) instead of the Customer. Supplier will not accept the package which was sent by the Customer with cash on delivery. During the process of the cancellation other costs do not debit the Customer.


If the Customer cancels the contract, Supplier immediately, but latest on the 14th day of the date of the cancellation declaration of the Customer was received, the Supplier cash back all the rewards made by the Customer, including the courier fee (which was paid for delivery), except the overpayments which was made because of the Customer chose cheaper courier cost which was lower than the cheapest which was offered by the Supplier. Supplier has the right to keep back the refund until the products do not arrive back or the Customer do not prove some authoritative way that he/she started the product back. From the two appointments Supplier counts the first date.


During the refund the Supplier uses the same payment method as it was in the original transaction, except if the Customer does not allow another method for the Supplier; according to the refund any charge debits the Customer.


The Customer is responsible about the deterioration of the product just if the damage occurs despite of the nature, features, function and operation of the product. The Supplier can require the nature, feature, function and operation of the product and the refundment of the deterioration.


The Cancellation Policy is not valid for the Customer if:


  1. the product is not prefabricated and the Supplier produced it according to the demands of the Customer or the product was personalizes according to the claims of the Customer;
  2. in the case of product which was sold in closed package because of health-protection or other hygiene reasons and it can not be returned because of the opened packaging. (eg. cream, toothbrush, deodorant)


7. Guaranty and Warranty

Guaranty of Products


Customer can enforce warranty against Supplier in case of wrong completion.


In case of contract with non-consumer (reseller) Customer is appropriate to enforce the warranty within 1 year from the date of the receiving of the product.


Customer - depending on his/her choice - can ask repair, correction or change of the product, except if some of the chosen option does not cause additional cost for the Supplier. If the Customer did not require the correction or the replacement, or he/she was not able to ask it, Customer can require the proportional consideration of the damage for the cost of Supplier, or the Customer can also fix it for the cost of Supplier, or Customer can made it by a third person, or - in final case - Customer can have his/her Cancellation Policy. Cancellation due to a minor defection is not possible.


Customer can change the chosen type of warranty to another kind, but the cost of the switch debits the Customer, except if the switch was reasonable or it was caused by the Supplier.


Customer is responsible to inform the Supplier about the problem immediately after the discovery, but not later than 5 days from the date of the discovery.


Customer can enforce the warranty directly against the Supplier.


Within 6 months from the date of the completed contract the warranty can be enforced and the only condition to prove it by the Customer is to confirm that the product was bought from the Supplier (invoice or copy of invoice which was prepared by Supplier for the Customer). In this case the Supplier can quit from the warranty just if Supplier can prove that the defection of the product was cause after the delivery for the Customer. If Supplier can prove that the defection was caused by the Customer after the delivery, Supplier has the right to reject the warranty of the Customer. After 6 months the Customer is responsible to prove that the defection was also valid at the moment of the delivery as well.




The Supplier does not sell product which is mandatory for certain durable items based on 151/2003. (IX. 22.) Government regulation.



Enforcement of Warranty Claims


Customer can inform the Supplier about his/her warranty claims via the contacts which are visible in the 1st point.



The Supplier does not sell a product which has been approved by the consumer durables of compulsory warranty according to the Government Regulation of 151/2003. (IX. 22.) or is under the effect of the law 2013 year V. law (Ptk).


Enforcement of Warranty Claims


The Customer can inform the Supplier about the warranty claims via the contacts in the 1. Point. 


8. Enforcement of Rights

Place, time and method of complaint administration


Customer can make the complaint about the product or about the activity of the Supplier via the contacts at the 1. point.


Supplier solves the oral complaint if the possibility is given. If there is no possibility to solve the complaint immediately due to the aspect of the complaint or the Customer does not agree with the handle of the process, the Supplier make a report about the complaint - which will be kept for 5 years including with the answer of the Supplier for the complaint.


In case of personal complaint the Supplier gives one copy of the report to the Customer or if it is not possible, Supplier must handle the process due to the written complaint rules according to the followings;


In case of complaint via telephone or another electric kind of communication service the Supplier sends the copy of the report as an answer for the complaint to the Customer at the same time when the answer for the complaint is given.


In all other cases, the Supplier proceeds due to the written complaint rules.


Supplier answers the written complaints within 30 days. The despatch in case of this contract means to give an answer via post.


In case of refusing the complaint the Supplier informs the Customer about the reasons.


8.1 Other Enforcement Possibilities


If there is no solution between the Supplier and the Customer regarding the disputes with the Supplier, the following enforcement possibilities are open for the Customer:


a) Complain to the Consumer Protection Authority


If the Customer feels that his/her rights were hurt, from 01/01/2017 he/she can turn primarily to the regionally competent district offices. After rewieving the complaint, the authority's decision determines the continuance of the consumer protection procedure.



b) Dispute settlement procedure through the European Union's online dispute resolution platform: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=HU


In case of consumer dispute if there is correlation with online sales contract, it is possible for Customer regarding  his/her online purchase even if it is cross-border to clear the problem in electronical way via the link with an online complain which was made on the online platform of the relevant authorities.


To make it just a registration is needed on the online platform on the given link, Customer must fill an application completely and send it electrical to the Conciliation Board via the platform. In this case the Customer can claim his/her rights despite of the distance.


c) Initiation of a Procedure at Conciliation Board


Availability of Conciliation Board: http://www.bekeltetes.hu/index.php?id=testuletek


If Supplier refuses the complaint of the Customer, Customer is appropriate to turn to Conciliation Board according to his/her area of his/her residence belonged to. The assumption of the start of the process by the Conciliation Board is that Customer must try to clear the complaint with the Supplier.


The Conciliation Board is responsible for the agreement of consumer disputes outside the court proceedings. The mission of the Conciliation Board is to try to solve the consumer dispute between the Supplier and Customer and make agreement between them.



The conciliation body proceeds to solve the complaint according to the Customer's request. The application must be submitted to the President of the Conciliation Body in written way.



According to the rules of the Conciliation Board Consumer can be: A non-governmental organization according to a separate law, church, apartment house, housing cooperative, micro-, small and middle enterprise who buy, order, get, use product or is a consignee of an offer of some communication regarding the product.




d) Initiation of a Judicial Process.

9. Other Provisions

9. Other


Supplier is appropriate to make one-sided modifications on this General Terms and Conditions with prior information of the Customer.


The modifications come into force when the Customer uses the Website at the first time after the modifications are completed. The modifications are valid for orders which are made after the date of the modification came into force.


The date of the entry into force of this General Terms and Conditions is: 27/02/2020


10. Mission


Ingrosso Baby KFT over time, it will undertake to donate part of the proceeds to charitable causes in Hungary and Europe with a particular interest in helping children in difficulty or sick people.

We are a start-up and we want to bring an ethical message where we can all do something to improve the world in which we live.

- Ingrosso Baby Staff -

Privacy Policy
Data Management Information




Regarding the processing of the personal data that are stored in the system, a Controller pays special attention during data processing to process, store and use personal data according to the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (“Regulation”) about the protection of natural persons with regarding of the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).


Regarding data processing a Controller informs the users and costumers of the website (hereafter: User) about personal data processed by him/her, about the principles and practice used while processing personal data, and about the ways and possibilities of enforcing User’s rights.


User is entitled to withdraw his/her contribution partially or fully to data processing by sending a written notification for the Controller and he/she is entitled to ask for the deletion of his/her data as it is specified in the information.




Data processing is made Ingrosso Baby KFT.

Website: www.ingrossobaby.com
Seat: 1143 , Budapest , Stefania Ut 81.
Company registration number: 01-09-353578

Tax number: 27315486-2-42

Registering Court: Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága Budapest

Postal address: 1143 , Budapest , Stefania Ut 81

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I connection with the services available on the Website, the legal grounds for data processing regarding personal data processing of natural persons, is the User’s voluntary contribution according to the Article 6. (1) paragraph a) part of the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (“Regulation”) about the protection of natural persons with regarding of the processing of the personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).


User can withdraw his/her contribution to data processing every time. In this case Controller deletes User’s personal data from the system.


If the User did not withdraw his/her contribution, the duration of the processing is the duration set in this information in cases in connection with data processing.





Registration data:

E-mail address

Contact data:



Phone number

Mobile number

Invoicing and delivery data:

Country, postcode, city, street, housenumber, in case of a company tax number


Processing of personal data which were given during registration or during ordering, starts with the registration and lasts until their deletion for request. If User does not ask for the deletion of his/her registration, Controller deletes them from the system in no more than 30 days after the termination of the Website.

– ensuring the possibility for registered Users to buy goods in the webshop and allowing invoicing,

– delivering the order.

User’s voluntary contribution.


Contacting Controller via e-mail, phone or post.


E-mail address and every data that are voluntary given by the User during the communication.

Contact via post and e-mail: Controller starts processing personal data, when User gives them voluntary at the time of the first communication and data processing lasts until the deletion of data for request. If the User does not ask for deletion of personal data given at the time of communication, personal data will be stored for 10 years by Controller, except in case of a letter of complaint. After 10 years personal data will be deleted from the Controller’s system. Controller deletes the personal data from the system in no more than 30 days if the Website stops operating earlier than ten years. Except the letters of complaint with storage period of five years.


The phone call is not recorded by Controller, therefore the data given while phoning will only be recorded, in case of a complaint, if minutes are being taken.

– Communication

– Keeping contact

– Complaint management

User’s voluntary contribution.


Contact form



Phone number

E-mail address


The name of the company is optional


The incoming e-mails with the name, e-mail address, and other voluntary given personal data of the sender will be deleted at least three months after they had been given, except of the letters of complaint with a storage period of five years.

– Communication

– Keeping contact

– Complaint management

User’s voluntary contribution.


3.1 Data processing for other purposes


3.1.1 Newsletter, DM activity


The scope of the processed data Name, e-mail address


The purpose of data processing User contributes by subscribing to be sent newsletter by Controller with a content of direct marketing. In case of subscribing, Controller – if there is no other declaration or objection – uses the personal data, e-mail address and name given by User for a purpose to send information material, special offers, offers and other information about his/her services.


The duration of data processing These data are processed by Controller as long as User unsubscribes the Newsletter by clicking the “unsubscribe” link found in the Newsletter or asks for being unsubscribed via e-mail or post.  In case of being unsubscribed, Controller will not send any newsletters or offers for User.  User can unsubscribe from newsletter anytime for free without any limitations and justification.


The legal basis of data management: User’s voluntary contribution.


3.1.2. Data collected in connection with the usage of the Website (Processing data for other purposes) Technical data, data of Website visits


Controller does not match the data with any other information found while analyzing the log files, he or she does not try to identify the User.


The IP address is a series of numbers, the computers of the User accessing the Internet can be distinctly identified with the help of it. The visitor using the computer can even be geographically localized with the help of the IP address. The address, the date and the time alone are not enough to identify the User, but if they are matched with other data (given during registration) conclusions can be drawn about User.


The scope of the processed data: date, time, IP address of the User’s computer, the address of the visited site, and the data regarding the age or majority of the visitor.


The purpose of data processing: The system of Controller records the IP address of User’s computer, the time of visit automatically, or in other cases – depending on the setting of the computer – the type of the browser and operating system. The data recorded that way cannot be matched with other personal data. The data processing is only for statistic purposes. The purposes of the data processing are: to check the functioning of the service, the personalized service and to prevent misuse.


The duration of data processing: 30 days from visiting the Website.

The legal basis of data processing: User’s voluntary contribution. Processing cookies


Controller puts small files, so called cookies on the User’s computer in order to provide customized service and reads them during a visit later on. If the browser sends a previously saved cookie back the cookie managing provider has the possibility to link the User’s actual visit to the previous ones, but just in the case of own content. The cookies that are typical for Webshops are cookies, that are used for sessions protected by password.


  • Session cookie:


The purpose of data processing: These cookies are used to operate the Website more efficiently and safely, therefore they are indispensable to operate some functions or some apps of the website properly.


The scope of the processed data: does not record personal data


The time of data processing: data are processed only while User is visiting the website, they are deleted after it automatically.


  • Persistent cookies:


The purpose of data processing: persistent cookies are used Controller as well for a better user experience, for example providing optimized navigation. These cookies are stored for a longer period in the cookie file of the browser. This period depends on the setting of User’s internet browser.


The scope of the processed data: does not record personal data


The duration of data processing: These cookies are stored for a longer period in the cookie file of the browser. This period depends on the setting of the User’s internet browser, it is mainly 30-60-90-120-180-365 days.


  • Cookies used for shopping basket


The scope of the processed data: does not record personal data


The duration of data processing: 365 days

The purpose of data processing: Identifying Costumers, recording the “shopping basket”, managing shopping basket (virtuemart), ensuring adequate navigation.


  • Safety cookies


The scope of the processed data: does not record personal data

The purpose of data processing: Identifying the actual session of the User, preventing unauthorized access.


The duration of data processing: during the session


  • Cookies needed for session protected by password


The scope of the processed data: does not record personal data

               The purpose of data processing: this cookie identifies the User after accessing a service in connection with information society

; identifying the User is necessarry so that the communication with the server on the communication network remains uninterrupted.


Deletion of cookies


The User has the right to delete cookies from his/her own computer, and User can ban the cookies in his/her browser. Cookies can be managed in the menu Tools/Settings under the menu Private Policy/History/Setting by naming the cookie or monitoring.


The Website can contain information, mainly advertisements, that are from a third person or advertising service, that are not in contact with the Controller. It might happen, that these third persons transfer cookies or web beacons on the computer of the User, or they use similar methods to collect data to send direct advertisements in connection with their own services for the User. In these cases the data processing is governed by a private policy determined by the third person, so Controller is not responsible for the data processing. Data processing of external provider


The html code of the Website includes links from and links to external servers that are independent from Controller. The server of the external provider is directly connected to the computer of the User. We draw the attention of our visitors to the fact that the provider of these links are able to collect User’s data to their servers because of the direct communication with the User’s browser.


The personalized contents for the User are provided by the server of the external provider.


The following Controller can provide details about the processing of the data by the server of an external provider.


The external providers transfer and read small files, so called cookies on the User’s computer. If the browser sends back a previously saved cookie, the cookie managing provider has the possibility to link the User’s actual visit to the previous ones, but just in the case of own content.


The advertisements of the Controller are shown by the external providers on Internet websites (Google). These external providers (Google) store with the help of the cookies that the User had visited the Website of the Controller earlier, and they show – personalized – advertisements based on these. (so they are doing remarketing activity).


  • Cookies transferred by Google Analytics


The purpose of data processing: The server of Google Analytics as an external provider helps the independent measurements and auditing of the visits to the Website and the other web analytics data. Google can provide you details about the processing of the measurement data on www.google-analytics.com.


Google Analytics is the analyzing service of Google Inc. („Google”). Google Analytics analyses the User’s interaction on the Website with the help of the Cookies stored on the computer of the User. The cookies for analytic purpose are anonymized and aggregated, it is difficult to identify the User based on them, but it cannot be excluded.


The analytic information collected by Google Analytics cookies are transferred to the servers of Google and stored there. These information are processed by Google on behalf of Controller to analyze the visiting habits of the Users, make reports on the Website about the frequency of the usage, and provide services for the Controller in connection with the usage.


The scope of the processed data The IP address, the cookies for analytic purpose are anonymized and aggregated, the computer and the User cannot be identified based on them.


The duration of data processing: 50 months


The legal basis of data processing: User’s voluntary contribution.


The information about the cookies used by Google can be seen here: http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/


The Privacy Policy of Google can be seen here: http://www.google.com/intl/hu/policies/privacy/


  • Google Adwords


The purpose of data processing: The Website uses the Google Adwords remarketing following codes. The basis of this is, that Controller will send remarketing advertisements on the website belonging to the Google Display system. The remarketing code uses cookies to tag the visitors. The users of the Website can ban these cookies, if they go to the manager of Google advertisement and follow the instructions. After this Controller will not send personalized recommendations.


The scope of the processed data Controller collects not only the usual data of Google Analytics but the data of DoubleClick cookie as well. The marketing service can be used with the help of the DoubleClick cookie, that ensures that the visitors of the Website can see the advertisements of the Controller on the advertising space of Google. Controller uses the Google Remarketing program to his/her online advertisements. The advertisements of the Controller are shown by external providers – for example Google – on Internet websites as well. Controller and the external providers, for example Google, use own cookies (such as Google Analytics cookies) and cookies of a third person (such as DoubleClick cookie) together to get informed, based on the previous visits of the Users on the Website, and to optimize and visualize the advertisements.


The duration of data processing: 30 days


The legal basis of data processing: User’s voluntary contribution.


  • Facebook remarketing


The purpose of data processing: Controller shows different campaigns and promotions for Users who had visited the Website earlier with the help of the Facebook remarketing codes.


The scope of the processed data Controller uses Facebook pixel to increase the efficiency of the Facebook advertisements, to create personalized audience. Facebook pixel is a part of a code put in the source code of the Website. Using it Facebook has the possibility to follow the activities of the Users by using cookies. It is possible with the help of it to show advertisements for Users, who can be interested in the services, so the visualization of the advertisements can be optimized. The remarketing lists that were created with the help of Facebook pixel are not appropriate for personal identification. They do not contain personal data of the visitors, they only identify the browsing software.


The legal basis of data processing: User’s voluntary contribution.




In accordance with the applicable rules Data Controller is entitled to use data processer for some technical operations and for the purpose of providing services. The data processer can only carry out the command and decision of the Controller.


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Controller does all the necessary expectable measures to keep the data safe, especially in the cases of unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, erasure or destruction, accidental loss or damage. Controller secures the data by technological and organizational security measures.




6.1. Information and access to personal data


User has the right to get to know the personal data stored by the Controller and the information in connection with the data processing; to check the data recorded by Controller, and to access to personal data. User has to send the written request to Controller to be able to access the data (via e-mail or post). Controller provides the information for the User in a commonly used electronic form, except if the User asks for them not in writing, in paper format. Controller does not give verbal information via phone in the case of accessing.


In case of exercising access rights information can be given about the following:

  • Defining the scope of processed data, the purpose, time, legal basis of data processing in connection with the processed data,
  • Data transmission: for whom were the data transferred or are going to be transferred,
  • Naming the source of data.


Controller gives (personally at the costumer service) a copy of the personal data for the User at the first time for free. For further copies Controller can charge a reasonable prize based on administrative expenses. If User asks for a copy by electronic means, information will be given via e-mail, in a commonly used electronic format.


User can ask, as it is written in paragraph 6., for rectification or erasure of personal data concerning him/her or for restriction of processing or User can object to processing personal data after information was provided and User does not agree with the accuracy of the data, or User can initiate proceedings defined in paragraph 7.


6.2. The rights to correct or rectify the processed personal data


For User’s written request Controller corrects the incorrect personal data that were indicated by the User either in writing or personally in one of Controller’s shop without undue delay and rectifies the incomplete data with the content specified by the User. Controller informs every addressee about the correction or rectification with whom Controller shared the personal data, except if it proves to be impossible or it requires disproportionate effort. User gives information about this addressees for request in writing.


6.3. Rights to restriction of data processing


User can ask the Controller for restricting the data processing in a written request, if


  • The accuracy of the personal data is contested by the User, for a period enabling Controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data,
  • data processing is unlawful and the User opposes the erasure of the personal data and requests the restriction of their use instead,
  • Controller no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of data processing, but they are required by the User for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims
  • User objects to the data processing: pending the verification whether the legitimate grounds of the Controller override those of the User.


If processing has been restricted, such personal data shall, with the exception of storage, only be processed with the User's contribution or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims or for the protection of the rights of another natural or legal person or for reasons of important public interest of the Union or of a Member State. If processing is restricted, Controller shall inform the User (whose request was the restriction of data processing) before lifting the restriction of processing.


6.4. Right to erasure (right to be forgotten)


Controller erases for the request of the User the personal data concerning the User without undue delay, if one of the reasons below are present: i) the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed by Controller; ii) User withdraws contribution on which data processing is based and there is no other legal ground for the processing; iii) User objects to the processing pursuant to his/her own situation and there are no legitimate grounds for the data processing; iv) User objects to processing of personal data concerning him/her for the purpose of direct marketing including profiling to the extent that it is related to such direct marketing, v) Personal data are processed by the Controller unlawfully vi) Collection of personal data follows while using services in connection with Information Society offered directly to children;


User cannot claim the right to erasure, or the right to be forgotten if data processing is necessary: i) for exercising the right of freedom of expression and information; ii) or reasons of public interest in the area of public health; iii) for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes, if the exercising the right to erasure would seriously impair data processing or make it impossible; iv) for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.


6.5. Right to data portability


The data portability makes it possible for the User to get and use his/her data via different provider defined by him/her, stored in the system of the Controller for his her own purposes.  The entitlement is only for the data that were given by the User. The portability of other data (such as statistics) is not possible.


The following activities can be done by the User with the personal data (when subscribing to newsletter) stored in the system of Controller:


  • User receives the data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format
  • User is entitled to transfer the data for other controller
  • User can ask for the transmission of the data to other controller – if it is technically feasible in the system of the Controller.


Controller only complies the request about data portability sent via e-mail or post. For the execution of the request the Controller needs to make sure, that the authorized User is the one, who wishes to exercise his/her rights. Therefore it is necessary for the User to go to the seat of the Controller after it in order to be identified by the Controller according to the data stored in the system. User can require the portability of data that were given to Controller by him/her. Exercising the right does not mean that the data will automatically be deleted from the system of the Controller, therefore User can use the services of the Controller after exercising this right.


6.6 Objection to the processing of personal data


User can object to the processing of personal data concerning his/her own situation any time, including profiling as well, and User is entitled to object to the processing for the purpose of direct marketing including profiling. If User objects to personal data processing, personal data is going to be deleted by Controller from the system.


User can object to processing personal data in writing (via e-mail or post) or in case of a newsletter by clicking on the “subscription” link found in the newsletter.


6.7. The time limit for compliance with the request


Controller informs User about the arrangements without undue delay, but in any cases one month after the arrival of any request defined in paragraph 6.1.-6.6. That period may be extended by two further months if necessary, taking the complexity and number of the requests in consideration, but in this case User has to be informed by the Controller about the reasons of the delay within one month after the arrival of the request. If the request was submitted by electronic means by the User, Controller gives the information by electronic means as well, except if User asks for it in an other way.




User can exercise his/her rights in a written request sent via e-mail or post.


User cannot enforce his/her rights, if Controller proves, that Controller is not able to identify the User. If a request from a User is manifestly unfounded or excessive (in particular because of their repetitive character) Controller may charge a reasonable fee or refuse to act on the request. This has to be proven by Controller. Where Controller has reasonable doubts concerning the identity of the natural person making a request, Controller may request for additional information necessary to confirm the identity of the applicant.


Based on the Info.tv., the Regulation and on the Civil Code V. law 2013 User can        

  1. Contact the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet avenue 22/c.; www.naih.hu)
  2. enforce his/her rights before court.




A personal data breach means a breach of security that leads to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data that are transmitted, stored or otherwise processed. Controller keeps a record in order to control the measurements concerning personal data breach, to inform the supervisor authorities, and to inform the User. This record includes the scope and the number of the personal data, the date of the personal data breach, the scope and the number of those, who are involved, the time, the circumstances and the effects of the incident and the measures made to avoid it. In the case of an incident Controller – except the breach is unlikely to result in a risk for the rights and freedoms of natural persons – has to inform the User and the supervisor authorities about the breach without undue delay, but at least in 72 hours.




Controller reserves the right to modify unilaterally this Privacy Policy with a prior information through the website of the User. The modifications come into effect relating the User on the day written in the information, except if the User objects to the modifications. User accepts the modified regulations implicitly with the usage of the website.


If the User gives the data of a third person during the subscription to newsletter while using a service, or caused any damage during using the Website, Controller is entitled to enforce a compensation to the User.


Controller does not check the personal data that were given for him/her. Only the person, who transferred the data is responsible for the correctness of the data he/she had given. Any User takes the responsibility by giving the e-mail address that he/she is the only person, who uses the service with that e-mail address.


This Privacy Policy enters into force: 27.02.2020