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Looking for a property? Choose our service and entrust us to find it for you!




Choose the property for own business is vital. A high commercial site means almost the 50% over of customers. 

If you need help to find your next property compile the form below, we'll find the best property, at the price target you has request, in 15 days! 

15 days passed we'll send you a confidential report with the best 3 properties who we've found. In the report we'll indicate the strengths and weaknesses of each property. 


Hungary , Italy , Slovenia, Austria, San Marino € 2000,00 
Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Malta € 3000,00
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Andorra, Denmark, Ireland € 3500,00
Sweden, UK,  Norway, Finland, Iceland € 4500,00
Other Countries* € 6000,00

We reserve the possibility to not accepts consultancy in countries not indicated in the table.


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