Welcome in the Investments Area.


Here you'll can become an our investor, you can choose the amount of your investment knowing immediately and clearly the potential of our products.


The 100% of moneys who you'll invest are used for buy our goods, all the investment products have a duration of 12 months, you'll receive the premium more the interests exactly one year later the subscription.

All the packages are at guaranteed capital, if our business should go wrong at the end of the years you'll receive the 100% of the capital invested. 

The bond is 12 months, with no possibility of early repayment.

With our investiments packets you'll can have up to 15% annual income! 

We offer 4 packet of investments: IB5000, IB10000, IB15000 and IB20000.

 IB5000 IB10000 IB15000 IB20000
Capital Invested ( in € )  € 5000,00 € 10000,00 € 15000,00 € 20000,00
12-month interest rate* up to 5% up to 10% up to 12,50% up to 15%
Early termination not possible not possible not possible not possible
Withholding tax 16% 16% 16% 16%
Gross Interests 12 months* up to € 250,00 up to € 1000,00 up to € 1875,00 up to € 3000,00




* maximum yield of the product. We will do everything to make you get the most out of it, however, for intellectual honesty
we would like to point out that the maximum return is not guaranteed.